Any problems with heart meds? Blood thinners, statins, bloo

Any problems with heart meds?
Blood thinners, statins, blood pressure meds, diuretics, supplements, etc.?
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Just had a friend who had a sudden heart attack, so scary, but thank goodness she is okay.  

Am glad she is ok.
I have had 4 heart attacks. Have 11 stents in my heart.
Sounds like alot but there people with more stents and more heart attacks. Dick Cheney has had 5.
Cardiac nurse said a woman she took care of has 29 stents in
her heart.
They call it the ‘full metal jacket’.

Yeah, I have an interesting medical situation. I have taken meds for hypertension for many years. One pill until about 1 1/2 years ago with no noticeable side effects. Two years before that I started having intestinal problems, diarrhea mostly that wouldn’t go away. So 1 1/2 years ago I became very sick with a high temp and was finally admitted to the hospital for 6 days. I had pneumonia also but it wasn’t Covid. After blood tests and scans they finally determined I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I had had a mini stroke and Celiac Disease. They increased my BP meds and I started a gluten free diet. Amazingly within a week my intestinal issues stopped also stopped was bad pain around my mid section. I had back surgery in the 90’s and always had flare ups that I dealt with and figured this was causing my pain. I didn’t take pain meds and still don’t but did rely on an anti inflammatory drug that helped with the pain and had taken these for years. Now I was able to stop taking the anti inflammatory drug too. But after that I noticed I was having new pain issues. Joint pain in my shoulders and knees. They now had maxed my Bp meds and Added cholesterol meds but my bad cholesterol and total cholesterol were away good. My blood pressure was never more than 150/100 and that was on a bad day. After all the meds it ran around 135/85 on average. The new pain I was experiencing was really decreasing my quality of life and after reading about the effects statins had I started researching the side effects of all the medications I was taking. I had recently stopped drinking caffeine and now had two cups of decaf coffee in the morning and remembered how stopping caffeine years ago had lowered my Bp. I always logged my BP and knew what it was almost daily for years and decided to stop the BP and cholesterol meds. And log my BP twice daily in case there was a problem. To my surprise my BP hasn’t gone higher and actually is a little lower now. My knee and shoulder pain have stopped and I feel much annual appointment with my heart dr is in 3 days so I’m curious what his reaction will be. I know I should have not stopped meds without talking with him first but researching these meds and the interactions they had together told me he didn’t care because one medication I shouldn’t have taken for more than a year and that was never mentioned. So guess I’ll see how it goes from here.