Anyone know of alternatives to help manage chronic pain (phy

Anyone know of alternatives to help manage chronic pain (physical not mental)? The pain also adds to my insomnia.

Eft , Acupuncture , marijuana , skullcap , valerian , a number of other herbs.

Depending on your chronic pain cause , diet has a huge role. Pain can be caused by inflammation.

I'd recommend a paleo diet , with lots of fish oil.

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Yeah I deal with chronic pain too. Worst thing for sleep

I have just started trying "Corydalis" a traditional chinese medicine herb. My acupuncturist supplies it, it might be worth a try for you? Other than that, Physiotherapy, massage therapy, Reiki, Psychotherapy, mindfulness, and Qigong all help me tolerate my pain alot!

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All of the above! Bikram Yoga GENTLY. Meditate through yoga class - send breath and love to what hurts at the moment.
Acupuncture and massage give me the most relief. Epsom salt baths w tsp of baking soda - tepid or warm soak for at least 20 min at least three times a week. Tumeric, kelp and adrenal supplements. xxxooo

@Jeanbean I have recently began to take Turmeric supplements.

My chronic pain is in my intestines and sometimes my uterus so trying to manage both is sometimes difficult. I currently use medication to help tame it but they pain is still intense. I do sometimes use marijuana but don't have the money to stay in stock. And I do take fish oil. I can't eat too much fish though due to the risk of tamination. I am really allergic to shellfish. And thank you both, I'll try the options you have told me about.

yes, there are many devices and props to help with chronic pain and I found that infared light therapy if used regularly works wonders and there also low level energy laser that helps reduce pain . Turmeric and magnesium is a must as if Epsom salts and castor oil! Vitamin C is also important.

by far the best pain relief drug is the food you eat!

Do you take a specific brand of Turmeric (inflammation), what does Magnesium do and is that in pill form or powder? Always looking for things to add to my routine and health.

I live with Sickle Cell Anemia, so I utilize holistic methods for pain.

Lidocaine patches work wonders for muscle and joint pain in combination with taking a pinch of cayenne pepper and cinnamon in pure virgin olive oil and rub it on your joints as well. Natural Pain relievers.

Lavender works wonders for relaxation and you can also utilize CBD Oil for body pain.

Hope this helps!

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