Anyone know of alternatives to help manage chronic pain (phy

Anyone know of alternatives to help manage chronic pain (physical not mental)? The pain also adds to my insomnia.

Eft , Acupuncture , marijuana , skullcap , valerian , a number of other herbs.

Depending on your chronic pain cause , diet has a huge role. Pain can be caused by inflammation.

I'd recommend a paleo diet , with lots of fish oil.

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Yeah I deal with chronic pain too. Worst thing for sleep

I have just started trying "Corydalis" a traditional chinese medicine herb. My acupuncturist supplies it, it might be worth a try for you? Other than that, Physiotherapy, massage therapy, Reiki, Psychotherapy, mindfulness, and Qigong all help me tolerate my pain alot!

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All of the above! Bikram Yoga GENTLY. Meditate through yoga class - send breath and love to what hurts at the moment.
Acupuncture and massage give me the most relief. Epsom salt baths w tsp of baking soda - tepid or warm soak for at least 20 min at least three times a week. Tumeric, kelp and adrenal supplements. xxxooo

@Jeanbean I have recently began to take Turmeric supplements.

My chronic pain is in my intestines and sometimes my uterus so trying to manage both is sometimes difficult. I currently use medication to help tame it but they pain is still intense. I do sometimes use marijuana but don't have the money to stay in stock. And I do take fish oil. I can't eat too much fish though due to the risk of tamination. I am really allergic to shellfish. And thank you both, I'll try the options you have told me about.

yes, there are many devices and props to help with chronic pain and I found that infared light therapy if used regularly works wonders and there also low level energy laser that helps reduce pain . Turmeric and magnesium is a must as if Epsom salts and castor oil! Vitamin C is also important.

by far the best pain relief drug is the food you eat!

Do you take a specific brand of Turmeric (inflammation), what does Magnesium do and is that in pill form or powder? Always looking for things to add to my routine and health.