Are you serious? My little brother has been put into foste

Are you serious??? My little brother has been put into foster care because of a dirty urine of my mother's. She's been doing meth for a while now. She's still questioning why I was even taken away. I just don't understand, I really need someone to talk to please....

I am here if you need to talk.

@Thedoctorhellokty I just don’t understand you would have thought she would have known better since I was taken away in 2012. It’s been five years but her addiction took her over and she never really found a way to cope with it or recover. It started out with alcohol and has progressed to meth and maybe marijuana because I know they found that in my system when my mom told me I was crazy and sent me to a hospital a while back. I left because not only did bad things happen but also the time I tried to go back and live with her drove me crazy. I just don’t know how to deal with this. I guess maybe the way I’ve dealt with other things before.

How have you dealt with other things?

@Thedoctorhellokty I mean it’s not hitting me in any way I wouldn’t expect it to. I’m just disappointed and frustrated that she had the chance of recovery and she blew it in her own selfishness. I mean I know it’s a disease, you would just think she would care more about her kids than a quick fix. But it’s whatever.

I've utilized my coping skills accordingly towards where they fit best.

@Ducktape Thank you! It was mostly after the divorce that she started drinking when I was eight. And I have found it better since I’m a Christian to instead of being angry and asking God why change the mindset to look at the bigger picture and remember that God is in control, and if it wasn’t in His will it wouldn’t of happened. I’ve been teaching myself to rely more on the verse Be still and know I am God. I have found also that to put my head in high places of God’s throne is a lot more manageable. Because there is pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. So, thanks again I really needed to hear that.

@Ducktape You are so welcome, and sometimes I forget as well. Especially who He worked with. It’s like my cousin who has seizures in fact she had one tonight and in all reality there is nothing anybody can do. You know situations are often out of our control much like this one. In knowing this it’s easier said than done through the fear, pain, and worry we tend to blind ourselves from the One who’s really in control.

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