As I recently posted, I am 53 and just came out to my wife o

As I recently posted, I am 53 and just came out to my wife of 22 years 2 weeks ago. It took many years to understand my sexuality and make this move. I am finally honest with myself and greatful to have share it with the love of my life. I am happy to say she is very supportive and understanding. So far my honesty and vulnerability has brought us closer. I have been on such a high. We are both very exciyed about our future together.

I would like to ask the community: How do you express your bisexuality in terms of an ongoing long-term, commited, loving relationship? Are you still monogamous, consensual non-monogamous (CNM)? Do you use fantasy or roleplay? How do you satisfy urges to be with the same/different sex? Do you feel a need? Do you bring others into your sexual relationship? How do you make it work?

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Just wanted to see if you were still here.

My Ex was also Bisexual, and we were “consensual non-monogamous”; we had an agreement and specific rules for engaging with ‘playmates’ outside of our primary relationship.
My current relationship is strictly monogamous; just like you don’t take opposite-sex lovers outside of marriage, you don’t take same-sex lovers, either. That was the price of admission I agreed to when I married the love of my life; I chose her above all others.
What a catastrophic tragedy that’s turned out to be.

I really hope in time the good memories overshadow the hell you have been through with her. Hugs

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