Aside from sites like ADDA and Nami, are there additional on

Aside from sites like ADDA and Nami, are there additional online personal chat /support sites specifically FOR adult ADHD?
I really like SG, but there are vast group subjects and actually there doesn't seem to be much activity in this group.
Not looking for supporting a child with it.
Looking for other ADULTS with ADHD.
Am I wrong?, this looks helpful.

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@CKBlossom thanks for linking.

That would be good support! I have ADHD myself. I don’t think about it much because I am so used to living with it.. but it makes life hard. My house is always a mess. It is so hard to stay focused.
I haven’t had the help or support that I need for a few years now and I just do the best I can.

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Hi, sorry for this late reply. Took a brk from Sg as it kept logging me off -dumping content or deleting replies and not alerting.
Are you still around and if so, how is your ADHD going? I know someone recently who went on Varvance -I think it’s name…anyway when she’s on it she’s a LOT better and able to stay focused. But, it’s really expensive and she had big insurance issues not covering it. Also, it seems to possibly be short / not as available like Aderall etc…

I help run a peer led support group for adults with ADD/ADHD. Right now , were still on Zoom. I’m hoping to have a live meeting in January.


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