Back at the hard work

It is time to get back at the hard work, actually the hard work never ends when you have an addiction, I understand but unfortunately, i slowed my work the past two weeks and i can start to feel the impact from it all. I need to get back at working hard and keeping my life in order. My addiction does not take time off, i should not either.

Exactly what we wrote about here:

Thinking of you.
I know you can get back on track. I’m here for you.

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Hello Griz 75,
Struggling with this addiction is always challenging to say the least. Every day when we wake up and until we go to bed - we face the power of this addiction. Things that others deal with little or no thought can be triggers for people with our addiction. An example could easily be perhaps a lingering look at a pretty woman in the check-up line at a store wouldn’t be giving a second thought to most, but someone with our addition could trigger addictive thoughts that lead us into unhealthy actions. I have a great respect that you recognize your triggers and manage to keep yourself between your guide-rails and out of the inner or red circles. It is a lot of work and something that is a constant within our addiction. Most folks think we are just weak, when we are struggling with a disease. People judge us harshly … but remember that we suffer from a disease - no one looks at someone with cancer as a “freak” - but can be judgmental as Hades towards us. You should pat yourself on the back as you manage each day not acting out and allowing yourself to slip back into your addictive behaviors. Remember Griz 75, it is one day at a time. Thank you for honestly sharing with the group.

i am doing OK, just struggling with feelings of not being good enough as i am working a few steps in the program, It gets better though when i realize that i am not alone and others feels the same, Geetting the fellowship of the others is huge for me.

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