Been feeling so triggered today so looking at these has been

Been feeling so triggered today so looking at these has been helpful to me. He gaslights to confuse me but I know I’m not wrong. It’s crazy how everything he was saying was 100%’s so crazy how he can’t see his mental illness. When I catch him in lies, instead of acknowledging he lied to me he blames my behavior. My behavior is a direct response to his lies and betrayal. Oh can’t forget that he’s been kind, loving and respectful!! One my texts last night I told him I can get better than him and deserve someone who is kind and loving. He must have kept ruminating over them all day because he kept repeating how loving he is (((barf)))) I have my therapist Thursday, so I’ll start to do the work again and get back on track to where I was. I was feeling strong and confident. Next 3 weeks I’m going to have my appointment weekly instead of bi-weekly to speed up the process.

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Please be careful in your interactions, best thing is no contact. They world is already looking for one cowardly man. When you know, you go...

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Sadly, It is all about manipulation. Important to watch his actions instead of listening to his lies. When we give the abuser negative attention, we are still giving them attention. If we stop participating with a narcissist, they have to find another victim to control/manipulate. The codependency/enabling is that both Victim and abuser are addicted to one another. Sounds like you are doing better. Stay grounded in the present with healthy activities. Take care.

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I know I am dealing with people like this too. Sorry, you are dealing with this. When you posted this it resonated with me.

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@Epicgamer2021 many of us are trusting and do not understand there are people willing to exploit us. :frowning:

From Personality Disorders to Narcissist Abuse and Trauma