Been really urging to hurt myself since he called late last

Been really urging to hurt myself since he called late last night. Wish I never answered my phone and gave him the pain pills. Now I know a lot of what was in the court papers are true. I just want to protect my child. Am having a hard time turning my mind off so I can get sleep. He keeps acting like the pills are no big deal and coming over in the mode of the night doesn't affect me.

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Hi, I'm sorry you and your child are both going through a touch time. I was diagnosed with BPD and depression. I used to turn to booze and blades for peace and comfort. But, speaking from my perspective, I know it's hard but it's time for you to draw the boundary. You need to say No. I know it's hard. Your child sounds like he needs help on substance abuse. Whatever he's going through, drug is not the answer and will not help him in the long term. And for you, Monkey :) listen to me, don't hurt yourself ok?

Sorry for the miss understanding. The post was in regards to my fiance. I am trying my best to not self injure otherwise he wins. Don't want my little one to see the scars.

@Zombie_Monkey No worries. English is not my first language haha. What you are trying to do to protect your child is great. I’m more worried about you in this situation. Substance abuse is a problem and no matter how mild the drug is will lead him to more serious conditions. I don’t know what kind of the situation it is with you and your finance. Are you trying to leave him?