Being alone isn't a sin, Jesus....

I don’t get how my dad is always shocked whenever I tell him that I go to places without any company and he’ll ask me - “You went out by yourself?” Literally, it’s the same question over and over again. It’s not even affecting my social skills.

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Some people just can’t fathom being alone, but others truly enjoy it. -SG

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Sometimes I like being alone too, there is no shame in it!

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I live in a community of 55 and older. When I want to socialize I go to the lobby or lounge where there is always someone there to fellowship with. When I want to be alone I go to my apartment. I l love this !!!

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I view it this way… having kids…
I’m bored :expressionless:
Im bored :neutral_face:
I’m tired :tired_face:
I’m hungry :confused:

Do you really want to be stuck with them for 18 years :thinking: :sweat_smile: or just go to group meetings??

Best wishes :melting_face:

I’m considering moving out, where I can be alone with no issues. I have a fear of darkness, which means that if I go to bed and try to sleep, my brain will make up scenarios about monsters staring at me intensely, so I try to not over-watch a lot of creepypasta videos.

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Oh i sure do like to find a ghost :ghost: someday … i haven’t found one yet although. But i really would LOVE to sleep over at the willard library !!! :zzz: :sleeping: :ghost: :scream: :roll_eyes: and make a friends with someone invisible… what is creepypasta?

I don’t know as I will ever be able to go anywhere alone. I get really weird about this alone thing. So I never go anywhere.

I live in an inner city environment with a lot of homeless people (transient people, to be politically correct, depending on who you talk to), and we have a lot of crime here, so there are some places where I won’t go alone, while other places are safe for me to be a loner. There are days when I don’t want to be around people, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be alone.

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