Breakup of same sex best friends who married (Narcissist hetero/bicurious and bi)

Wow, I don’t know where to begin, so far the situation has pretty much turned into a book. I’m just lost after being discarded after having been mentally abused for months with the love bombing, gas lighting, manipulation. I still care for him, but know it is best to walk away. I have just never given up on anyone before. So many times I was told that he would never abandon me, and if our friendship did end, that he would tell me face to face. But that if I ever did need help, he would always be there. Total lies.

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Sorry he did that to you. If he mistreated you then as you know you are way better off. Even though it hurts. I bet in time you will find a better friend for sure! Hugs to you today!.

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Who is the narcissist in this? Your husband or friend, I am confused, or wait, was this a Poly relationship?

My husband-best friend is narcissist.

Ah, so you see it, but your spouse doesn’t?