Buying things

Hello folks, how did you know you had a problem with buying stuff? I think my problem is more that i wanna eat the things i buy rather buying them itself, still hard to stop, just spent like 60 bucks today (of my currency reais in brazil) and for someone who is jobless i shouldnt be doing that, i bought things that more people will eat and they were at an ok price, but i also bought tickets for a show that i have the intentions of taking an uber to go, i cant seem to stop spending money, it seems like life makes me wanna spend it but only with things for me generally, i still have groceries and bills to pay but i spent way more on random junk food, and some on weed recently, also need to buy that, kinda just wanted to share and know how people deal with it ^^

Do you buy to fill time and not be bored?

I dont think so

I was asking because that is how I feel sometimes, like it fills time.

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I never thought of it actually, i think i might buy to fill a void but idk which void im trying to fill, thanks

I try to think, am I hungry, am I craving something, if I am bored what do I need, I mean I can’t go on a walk with the dog without music, so I try to figure out what I really need sometimes when my body seems to be telling me one thing it is just often that I am bored and need something to do.

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I craved a kitkat today, it was cheaper than usual so i bought