Can't is now won't. I tried going without sweets. Was not w

can't is now won't.
I tried going without sweets. Was not working for me.
Going to eat a small amount of sweets daily. Feel better and eat less.
Is the best I can do.
And I am okay with this.

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Excellent plan, my kids make these gluten free cookies that I love and don't feel so bad about eating!

It is better. More sugar from whole organic fruit , less fat from meat and dairy is actually better for the body!
But you didn’t hear that from me! ;-)


Oh, forgot. I had some mango today too.
Can’t believe I ate so much. And a mini ice cream sandwich.
No wonder I had to go to the toilet so much.
My food list for today is in another group. I had 2 protein shakes too. This is the sneaky type of binge eating. You eat throughout the day instead of in one sitting.
I know what set me off. Tomorrow I will have a better mindset.
My tummy is actually sticking out like a watermelon. More stress is coming this weekend. Seeing boyfriend’s relatives.
I will be ready. Maybe. No, yes, I got this!