Careful of what u say here or info you give out because of scammers

I just recently recieved a message from someone who is an online user here, and the message is EXACTLY THE SAME SCAM YOU GET IN EMAIL called the nigerian scam!!! This person says they checked out my profile, which i now changed, and said they wanted help.. saying about money and all.. .same crap as what they call ''the nigerian scam'' that usually gets sent in emails.. now its even in these private message here... SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL.. I REPORTED MINE TO THE CONTACT OF THIS SUPPORTGROUP.COM .. hopefully they can nip this .... so please, i know most ppl here are not scammers but there is always a wolf in the woodpile, as they say.......... i was stupid to think it was a safe place and let me guards down... be wise and dont let out too much to all to see ..... ok? hugs

The best way to contact the admin is through a private message to "supportgroups." Make sure to mention the user's name so that they can be properly blocked.

Thanks for the warning Snowy Girl!

Hi :slight_smile: ,

I did write and complained but no one  has responded to me..  Told them it is in my private messages.  Just don't want anyone to be scared if it happens to them thinking they are alone.  Wish I was notified by the powers that may be here. :(   oh well.. I did block the name though.   Take care... have a great week.

this happened to me too! i blocked the sender. prayers for all. maria

Hellooooo, Thanks for posting but sorry you also got the con job too… Blessing to you also and have a great week… take care
Snowy :slight_smile:

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