Chronic Illnesses and Conditions and the holiday season

Managing chronic conditions during the holidays can be challenging, as this period often brings a change in routine, dietary temptations, and emotional stress. It’s important to maintain your health regimen, including medication schedules and doctor’s appointments. Planning ahead is crucial; prepare for events by considering dietary choices and ensuring you have necessary medications on hand. Prioritize rest and manage stress through relaxation techniques or light exercise. Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs to family and friends, as their support can be invaluable. Lastly, be kind to yourself by acknowledging your limits and celebrating the joys of the season within those boundaries and never feel bad about having to say no or amending your RSVP last minute. -SG

Yes! I want to do all the things, but with it getting dark at like 6 I am like, what time is it, is it 10, holy cow it is only six, the time change is great because I sleep more, not great for actually saying yes to things.

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