Could anyone offer sound advice, podcasts, literature, websi

Could anyone offer sound advice, podcasts, literature, websites, etc. about how to deal with an irrational ex and co-parent? I'm trying to keep the petty, silly conflicts away from our 13 daughter, but either her mom or I end up bringing her into them somehow. Smh....

1 Heart I hope this helps you a bit.

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@Jennipain you rock! I’ll check out. Thank you.

@Jennipain, I checked out he website and can say the guy had a lot of good points. One thing that he didn't mention is that people can often feel scorned from a failed relationship and will sometimes act-out as a result. That is the case in my situation I think--she feels angry that I left although we both agreed that it was the best thing to do for us since we couldn't stand to be in the same apartment and she had nowhere else to go. All in all the article you shared was a good start. Thanks again! Hope you're well.

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@EffDepression247 You’re welcome glad it helped you a bit my friend xo

It's been really hard. Whenever we text, there seems to be so much anger fueling us both. I am training myself not to respond whenever I get one of her texts filled with sarcasm, insults, and her attempts to put me down as a person. I often start to write replies filled with the same kind of childish low-blows and comments, but then I delete the extra stuff and send only what is necessary to communicate a mature and direct response. It's very hard to do, but worth it. I also found it helpful to read an article about dealing with an ex from the woman's point of view:

@EffDepression247 You are doing the right thing. Best is just ignore the nasty text it is not worth your time and this will get in front your healing right now. She has issues and if she can not be nice then you do not need to deal with her at all. Delete the text right away. If there really is no reason to talk with her or communicate then don’t right now.

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From Romantic Relationships to Divorce & Separation

I can say that 8 years later, my ex’s mother and I get along pretty well now. Our co-parenting relationship got better after I stopped responding and stopped negative texting back. I also only sent her messages or communicated with her only when it was absolutely necessary. This all seemed to help and now we can communicate like normal, civilized human beings. Thanks for your great advice and support!