Decided to switch majors and now, I'm back in college again.

Decided to switch majors and now, I'm back in college again. I feel like it should be fine for the most part once I figure everything out again. The thing I'm worried about is my math. I've been bad at math all my life. Failed math like 5 times from middle school to college. Used to have tutor in high school for writing but I stopped seeing her after I graduated. It was usually my mom that used to teach me math but I feel like I need to learn it on my own now. My major now requires a higher math level than I did for my previous degree and I also failed the class that I would need for my degree now at my previous college. I just don't know how to get better at it. I watch videos on Youtube, use Khan Academy, any resources I can find, but I still can't seem to get the concept down. I can do well on assignments if I use them while I'm working on assignments, but once the test comes, I can't remember how to do any of them even if I study.

I'm never good at math too, I've been having struggles to just comprehend most of the math subjects, so I'm not doing anything to do with it anymore, I chose to pursue art and entertainment industries. I don't think everybody has to be good at EVERYTHING. What you're good at something is how you want to achieve your dreams.

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