Depressed, I am only 24 years old and I have PCOS. I keep seDepressed, I am only 24 years old and I have PCOS. I keep

Depressed, I am only 24 years old and I have PCOS. I keep seeing a image in my head that I will be old and fat with other diseases because of this. Can i live with PCOS my whole life and still be healthy?

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Hi I have PCOS I have had it from age 15. I am now 33. I just want to be honest about my situation so you can learn from it. I was very healthy until I got to be in my late 20's. Like 28. I am very pretty and was thin until slowly over time I gained weight. From it. Working out also did not help me lose the weight. I am now over weight not huge but full figured and bigger than I like. I also developed diabetes. From being insulin resistant to at age 33 becoming full blows diabetic type two. If I had to do over I would have cut out all sugar. And try to be in a "diabetic" low carb diet years ago before becoming diabetic myself. No sugar no white flour. Because I eat like this now, because I have to I lost 30 recently. Also it was very very hard to get pregnate. Because with PCOS sometimes you might not release an egg. However after medication- Clomid I was able to have a smart healthy child. I also get facial hair, I have to get removed, it's on my neck a little on the sides of my face. It is strong black hair also happened in late 20's. That hurt myself esteem a lot even though I would wax it it made me feel like less of a woman. That is from PCOS. I have very heavy periods, and sometimes no periods. I feel for me diet has been key to keeping weight off. Ice tea instead of soda, fruits veggies and lean meats. No candy no sweets ever. PCOS runs in my family so I remind myself it is not my fault. I am trying to get pregnate again and taking mess. I hope very much my husband and I can have another child. My friends pop out kids no problem and I feel guilty I can't do something so basic. But I learn to except and not be jealous. I hope that helps, I think you can live your whole life and be healthy if you take care of yourself. Also keeping in mind some stuff is out of your control. But keep a good grip on your weight when you are heavy it all gets much worse!!! Trust me on that, like a cycle that just gets worse and worse! Good luck!

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@Aceland I’ve been using an all natural product THAT REALLY AND TRULY WORKED. You should check them out.

Yeah, I have tried to control my diet, I don't intake sugar, but I do intake cane sugar or natural sugars and I always try to look/shop for whole grain/whole wheat. I do work full-time a lot now, so I travel a lot and I need to find time to force myself to workout. I am 5'4 and 127 pounds, I used to be 115-120 pounds, when I used to be a athlete, so I can see I am getting out of shape, so I am thinking of doing some physical activity everyday no matter what, it is so frustrating. Diabetes also runs in my family, but not PCOS, so I am not sure how i got it. I am really afraid I will get diabetes soon or heart problems, or hardening of arteries, even worse cancer.

I am so depressed all the time thinking that my life is over because I got PCOS. As of now, I do not have any other problems from it, I am healthy, but why did I have to get PCOS :( I was diagnosed with it 3 years ago when I was an athlete actually and didn't have any other extra health problems with it, but now I am not an athlete and I work full-time or over-time even, I just want to make sure I dont get any other problems from this. Is it possible to live my whole life healthy with PCOS?

Hi, Im 24 too, and I came to know about I have PCOS today after I got my ultrasound results. I am scared too. I was in shape until I was 21. Since a year I started gaining weight on belly and sides. I ve been less active. Now that I realized about this problem Im planning to start excersing seriously. If you want we can plan togather and tell each other how we doing or even do it together. I think its motivating. I have done it with another girl on here. her name was Linda. It was fun. I am very depressed too and usually stressed. I have unwanted hair problems on my chin and other parts. and irregular periods. I am sad that I have this problem but I think its good that we realized about it before its too late. I think we can control it. Can you please tell me if you have unwanted hair problem too ?