Does anyone have experience with Cortisone shots? I am needl

Does anyone have experience with Cortisone shots? I am needle-phobic, so I haven't tried it, but people are really pressuring me to try it. I've had consultations for Cortisone too, but I never moved forward. I also worry about being allergic to it or having a bad reaction. I'd appreciate it if anyone could share their experience with me.

I am pain phobic so while I don't get these types of shots, I do get allergy shots and several blood tests a year. Without the allergy shots I was having debilitating headaches, that just rocked my world. I suggest this, ask your doctor for something to take before the shots for anxiety and a topical numbing gel to put at the site of the shot. Then I would talk to the person giving the shots and go over how best to handle this so you feel most comfortable.

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@CKBlossom Sorry to hear about your headaches. I’m taking medication for headaches/migraines too. I found a really good Dr. offering Cortisone injections. He said I need an epidural, and getting a huge needle in the back of my neck feels nearly impossible. He said he could put me asleep for it which I thought would be great, but then I found out he would need to put a needle in my hand first. I don’t know if there is any amount of anxiety drugs that would work. I have a high tolerance to them. I’m afraid if I even stepped into the room I’d start hysterically crying and leave. And then worrying about side effects… The needle phobia is really bad… but so is the pain. I’ve had so many people tell me not to, but also so many people say I should. I don’t know what to do, or if I’m even capable to get the shot at all.