Feel like everytime I start to eat or atleast try to eat rig

Feel like everytime I start to eat or atleast try to eat right and try to stop binging, something in my life just crashes and I'm back to square 0.

Hi and welcome to our group. You’re not alone here. Many of us have ambivalent feelings about getting healthy. Our healthy self is wanting good health and whispering to us to reach for that goal. But those of us with eating disorders have probably suppressed our healthy self with a much louder and destructive eating disordered self, who is much stronger than our healthy self and we sabotage our healthy goals. The goal then is to strengthen our healthy self. The best way to accomplish these is to be working an effective program for that goal. Many do that by attending therapy and at present, cognitive-behavioral therapy offers the best choice for you. Some go a less effective self-help route by buying a good book on eating disorder recovery and dedicating themselves to follow the treatment plan. Hope my words have been helpful to you. Welcome to the group and we encourage you to stick around. Many great people here with good ideas and willing to support each other when needed.