Feeling Proud of Myself

Yesterday my dad was jealous that I get consistent sales on my products and manipulated my sale to get money out of me. He then proceeded to ask me for $4.50 (in my country) when I asked for wipes. I got mad because when I used to sell stuff he got SO MUCH MONEY OFF OF ME THAT I COULD NOT BUY FOOD FOR MYSELF, he would beg for money because how dare I get MY own customers and when I made sales. He often asked my how much I made and glared at me.

During that time coupled with lending money to my bf who exploited me and drained me of my savings, I nearly had an idea to go homeless or run away just to get away from my dad once and for all.
I screamed at my dad no and was sick and tired of men asking me for money. I told him next time you will get cash to exchange from me but rethinking I will be there doing transaction.

He starts screaming telling me to not say that because people would hear and I got more pissed because I realised how alike my bf and him sound I told him I dont care and all of you are the same. I never stood up to him like this since I first caught him stealing from me. I will NEVER forget the state he left me in back then and then he had to destroy my trust entirely. I am glad I stopped loving people that do not care because as all of you can see clearly my existence is for me to take care of him despite abusing me and has joked about it and he has stolen from me multiple times. He does not care about me at all unless it benefits him or makes him look good and to think my mom enabled this for so long makes my eyes roll.

Also before any excuses come in please read my comments about my dad when I first asked for help about what he did to me. I do not want to hear any excuses or justifications for his actions. I heard it for my whole life and because of that I stayed with him and that descision made my life hell. I am done rationalizing horrid behaviour and I only look at actions.

You should be so proud of yourself for standing up to him and being bold in your stance. -SG

I am. It was the first time I did it. His behaviour has nothing to do with me.

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