Watched a neighbor’s hoarding house burn down to the ground the other day. To the ground. Not a fun thing for them, but goodness, it was amazing to see how the firefighters kept everyone else’s houses safe

Just got our Support Someone button working again! Yay! So we just saw this post, so glad you are safe, hope your neighbors got out safely.

Thanks safe and neighbors are getting the help they need.

Fire makes me have nightmares/ traumatizes me. I didn’t know why at first but my mom reminded me that many years ago(when i was high school) the house next door to us caught on fire.

Or it reminds me about how I wasn’t safe before.

I’m glad you’re ok.

I guess one way of looking at that is everything happens for a reason, and if hoarding was the problem, then, that problem was solved by the fire. It’s unfortunate for that family, but maybe starting over again was for the greater good.

When I lived in Washington State, we had a house in my community that had the garage catch on fire, and the fire department managed to save most of the house but couldn’t save the garage. After talking to other people, it turned out that they were storing oil in the garage from doing their own oil changes, and that oil is what caught on fire, and it spread after that.

Oh Sami, I hope you feel safe now. I think we both didn’t have ideal childhoods and seeing my kids and the life I am trying to give them reminds me how, a million times a day, I had adults asking, what would make your life better?

Ugh, well, yes, thank you, we are safe, they are safe, but the house, gone.

Man, and you can just bring that oil in to a shop afterwards, such needless risk. Yes, she was apparently a smart, independent woman at one point, but she was sickly and her adult daughter needed to be in rehab (she suddenly showed up a few years ago). They didn’t really interact with others on the block, but I heard from another neighbor who knows her son, that she is in a home being taken care of and the daughter is in rehab, which honestly is for the best. The house had a tree basically leaning on it, it was going to go down.

That’s kind of sad to hear about how someone’s life could get turned upside down like that, but being that she’s in a home, she’s probably in a better place where other people can help her get through her personal challenges. I have encountered people who fell on hard times.

Yes, it is of course sad, but her health wasn’t great and her daughter was in no state to care for her, so it was two people unable to care for each other trying and failing.