First-person WaPo article - highly recommended

I found this to be a profoundly moving article by someone who narrowly avoided taking their own life:

A stranger asked me to take her photograph. It saved my life.

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Is it a short article that you can post, WP doesn’t allow you to read the article unless you are a member.

Not a member either, but would love to read it!

Ah, fer … Here’s a PDF instead:

This is, straight to the heart, amazing. Thank you. -SG

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Oh my goodness, this touched my heart. Much of the deep feelings are shown in that article. Thank you.

Yeah, that’s how I felt too, especially given that it IS a “first person” account. That is one strong woman.

Nice to hear from you, KidDJ! It’s been a while. I hope the selection of human beings around you has improved since we last chatted :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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It’s nice to see you too. Things have been going fairly well, I think. Trying to make a living as a 19 year old. How are you doing?

Ah, yes: I vaguely recall being 19 - almost 50 years ago now :slight_smile: I am doing very well, thank you! Given all the nasty things going on in the world I have surprised myself by how little time I need to spend curled into a ball sucking my thumb. Still trying to adjust to this new SG website, and not sure what my role is supposed to be, so I’m just kinda lurking around offering peace and good vibes wherever I can. Wishing you all the best - I remember you were having a pretty bad time a couple of years (?) ago. Take care of yourself.

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Yeah, I’ve had some down moments for years, so it’s nothing new, to be honest. But I appreciate for being caring. Take care as well.