Gaming addiction

soooo… I have a gaming addiction which my parents hate me for instead of studying or doing something productive in my day im addicted to now gaming. Gaming used to be my medicine from depression as I would engage in gaming matches but instead of curing my depression it worsened it and I got bullied from everyone in school because of my “cringe” addiction they called me fatty and ear boy and now i just made my descion to get a SIX PACK AND START MY LIFE COMEBACK!!!

Can anyone guide me???

Hi Neel, can you sit down with your parents and have an honest conversation about what is going on? Maybe discussing seeing a therapist and focusing on a healthier means to help your depression could be helpful. Getting the gaming system out of your room could also help. Be honest with your parents, yes they are frustrated, but maybe they don’t see the full picture. Be responsible, be honest and do your research, let them know why you know you need professional help, they will respect that. So glad you are here. -SG