Given up 11/30

:white_flag: white flag waving :white_flag:

To whom are you surrendering? This can be a good thing, depending on the circumstances. I hope it is for you.

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I was considering drinking sleep medicine by the gallons. I was going to buy all the liquid and lights out. My workplace is very difficult and I don’t feel like I am making progress. There is nothing that I want to do further. I ran out of jobs. The hotel, ups, dollartree, family dollar, all banned me from returning. I really need to get high again. I will start on this week

Oh… sigh… How come all those places have banned you? From my (limited) viewpoint here it seems as though you have come a long way since we first crossed paths. As always, I wish you better times to come.

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I will write why when I begin to SH these upcoming day(s). I have to buy bandages, long sleeve shirts, to remain hidden. But the first one was UPS. On march 11, 2011 i was forced to resign by my manager AJ at Parsippany. He lied and stated that i told him that i threatened him and a friend of his supposedly which i did not. He gave me an option to leave without calling the police. I am not able to work there anymore. I remember that day like it was yesterday because I stopped trusting everyone. I went back home and i was visible not okay. I worked there for since August 2006. I am writing this because I am returning back to self harm this week. Expected

I urge you to look for another form of release. Has SH ever really helped you in the past?

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Yes, i just wish I had started when I was younger now. A doctor called all the kids that act wild mentally ill. But they were not really. I had hoped to make everyone like me. But then again :roll_eyes: :unamused: not everyone would be able to be like me. There is no silver lining of good or bad, right or wrong, up or down. But i know that I am relaxed :relieved: and not disturb inside and i can sleep. :sleeping: … but then there is a moment of how i have to return back and I can not change. :neutral_face:

Well, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do: if SH is the only thing that help you deal with life, so be it. Take care of yourself, and stay with us.

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Yeah, i was thinking about a cold shower. I ate all of the forbidden andes chocolates which was not supposed to be eaten. I am down and I want to just walk away 110 precent