Going back 5 1/2 months ago I started to binge. I knew I was

Going back 5 1/2 months ago I started to binge. I knew I was doing it. It was like an out of body experience. I just couldn’t stop myself. I totally destroyed so much work I did for years.
Well .. I feel like I turned a corner and I am at least not binging on cake.
I ate my steamed Brussel sprouts and carrots. I get full on the fiber.
I also messed up my hair. It had grown out and looked really good.
The same reason I started binging.
Stress form moving. But I can feel it .. I am over it.
Even if I feel like I am eating too much .. choosing the low calorie foods are going to help me get this under control.

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Moving is stressful. I recently went through it too. I like your plan of action.

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@Looking4raysofSunshine, yes it can be. That is why people try not to move so much, if then can help it.
I have done a lot of moving in my lifetime.
I have also moved from one mental health sight to this sight.
I am a former Online Pastor.
Had my own online church.
I reached over 62,000 people.
Covid was a mix blessing for the church.
We grew,but it was very fast, and I could not keep up, any more.
I tried to get some help, but no one wanted to help.
I ran it from 2018-2022.
Retired in Jan of this year, after 4 wonderful years, and some challenging times, as well.
I love being here at sg.
I love being a certified counselor.
I love helping and supporting others.

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@godlovesus you are one of the good ones. Peace :wink: