Hate how my parents keep pressuring me to get a job and sayi

Hate how my parents keep pressuring me to get a job and saying I’m basically wasting time and I’m useless. I managed to get a job early last month but I started having allergies so I quit. Now, they keep pressuring me to go find another job and I’m deciding to go back to school and study something else. Why does everyone in my family pressure me to get a job?? I feel like everyone in my family has this mindset of “if you’re not doing something productive, you’re wasting time” and it’s just so stressful for me because all of my relatives will start pushing me to get a job and do something productive. Sometimes, it just makes me even less motivated to do stuff.

Do you get anxiety being out around people? Depression can make a person more withdrawn too. Maybe consider talking to your parents about how you are feeling. You might need help for depression and or something else. Let them know how much you are feeling stressed from people telling you to get a job who knows maybe they will stop if you explain how you are feeling.

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