Have no friends feel rejected and isolated

I lost my grandmother last year my name is Laura I have Autism and Im 30 years old my grandmother was all that I had I have no mother or father in my life and no other immediate family and I have no friends to lean or or be there for me people treat me bad in public and reject me and I feel left out all the time and feel like an outcast everywhere I go I feel like I have nobody I feel alone all the time

Hi Laura, its nice to meet you. I am sorry to hear about your grandma. Having to process and deal with that on your own has to have been really hard on you. I was never very close with my grandma because she was kind of a cruel woman, but I always envy people who got that loving grandmother experience. I am glad you found this site. There are lot of friendly supportive people here.

Hey Laura you are not alone. Many people feel the same way you do. Welcome to the support groups and I hope talking to people in here can help you feel better.

Hi I hope so too :sob:

Thank you I hope Ill be able to find someone

I’m sorry you’ve lost your grandmother and have nobody there for you. I understand how this feels as well. I do have several friends, but hardly any are the kind who’d be there for me when I need it. I really don’t 100% know whether I am autistic too, but I’ve highly suspected it for about 3 or 4 years now. I lost my kitty cat of 15+ years a year ago along with losing a close relationship of 5 years. Everything just dropped out from beneath me (yet again). Sorry. Not trying to make this about me. I just want you to know that even if I’m not experiencing the same, I do have some real understanding. All these things you describe are how I feel a lot.

Thank you, knowing that others understand where i am coming from really does help. I am so sorry about your cat. It is amazing how pets are such a huge part of our lives.