Haven’t been here in a while but I experienced my 5th misc

Haven’t been here in a while but I experienced my 5th miscarriage last year and it was the farthest I’ve ever gotten I was super excited to have a little girl on the way as her bday approaches I constantly relive last year miscarriage in April separation from a 4yr relationship in June and going back to living alone it’s been a major adjustment. I had hopes we would work things out but he can’t seem to do right by me and love me correctly. I’m consumed with so many emotions and completely feel alone. The fear of starting over with someone new the fear of never finding someone and actually having the family I want consumes my thoughts daily my anxiety has magnified and I’m in and out of depression

I am so sorry hun, this is a lot to get through.  I know you are dealing with a lot, but have you sat down with your OB and discussed if further tests are needed to see why you miscarry?

@CKBlossom. Yes I have and I’m so thankful for him this time around I really think it was the amount of stress I was dealing with at home and work, I’m dealing with anxiety and all these emotions and therapy hasn’t helped I’m just at a loss of what to do I can’t even take time off right from work because we’re short staffed. Thank you for responding it’s nice having someone to talk to