Hello everyone, I just want to tell you everything that's ha

Hello everyone, I just want to tell you everything that's happened lately, because I feel very guilty. I have been managing my shopping addiction quite well for the past few months, but recently, I had a fallback. My husband told me he is leaving me, and now I'm going through divorce. When he first told me, I asked about the money I gave him earlier to invest in our new home. It was 1000 euros - for the windows or smth. He gave it back to me immediately. What I SHOULD have done: save that money for a lawyer, for the future needs of children, or at least spend it on a trip with my mother. What I REALLY did: cry and buy, cry and buy, and repeat. I bought like 20 new pieces of clothing, some clothes for children, medicine for me and them, 200 euros worth of cosmetics and selfcare, lots of cigarettes, a coat and a pair of boots. Also I paid 300 for our kid's birthday party. Now I'm down to ZERO, and the only feeling left is guilt. How do I get back on track, stop spending, start saving, and how to get rid of that awful feeling that I threw everything away? I think it was out of the pain, wasn't it? Do any of you get triggered by stressful situations?

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