Hello everyone, My Name is Broken Perfection,

You might think it’s crazy, here I am introducing myself like I’m new or something, right?

But that’s where you are incorrect. Up until a few days ago I didn’t even know that this account, or site for that matter even existed.

After I ended the relationship with my narcissist of an ex, he stole all my accounts the night I told him we would never get back together because I wasn’t able to get passed the fact that somehow he knew where I was, what I was going, and who I was with. He took my iCloud account which gave him eveything. He started selling my more intimate photos, he blackmailed me, tried to drag me through the mud, bullied me incessantly until I nearly broke. He took over my accounts in March of 2021 - but had been using my other phone to spy on me long before that. I found out about all the terrible, cruel and illegal things he did to me when I had retrieved one of my emails back from him, and all his threatening emails came through, all long with the fake Reddit account, the fake onlyfans and so many more. He refused to let me go, he always found a way to find me; and now that I have this email account back, I have most of it back, but one. And his karma is will come and it won’t be sweet, there will be no mercy. This man doesn’t know what love is, he claimed once that since “im girlfriend, he’s doesn’t need consent) as I woke up to him on top of me, I can barely breathe.

He used my life to gain sympathy and affection from all of you, because he needs attention, and for someone to show that someone cares. Those were my stories to tell , or not too tell. And he took that away from me, along with so much more.

I apologize to all of you, you were just a pawn in a game of his need to be in control. To be loved.

I am glad you got access to your accounts and life again!