hello everyone please tag Frank Guida hello everyone this

hello everyone please tag Frank Guida

hello everyone this post is for Frank Guida 25 its from his post from feb 1 2021 I know this is late haven't been on here in a while please tag him so he can see this I don't know how to tag since I can't post pic on his post ill do it here to be aware ill be doing two other post here cuz u can only add one pic to a post which you should be able to do more then one but it doesn't let me so the next two posts are the other two pics he needs to see

hi frank im frank as well. it was hard for me to come out when I did it took me years to hid who I was I always hid my self from being gay. people who I watched movies with said this guys hot or something along those lines and I couldn't say that as well it was a secret. i always felt like I couldn't date other men and show them to my parents. so I dated women which I really didn't want to. I dated this one women where I was attracted to guys but still dated her. I was so scared to tell my parents even tho my dad didn't accept me being gay when I first came out. so years later I wrote a letter to my dad. After that letter he texted me saying he accepts me for me. and he's happy for me. you can write a letter as well and leave on counter when you have to be somewhere and let them read it and let it sink in. they may want to talk to you after they read it so be prepared for that. writing a warm sweet letter saying you love men and that you love your parents. that you feel alone and really hope you can accept me for who iam and that I can't help who iam I do have my screenshots of my letter but it may not be in order so u will have to figure out the letter. Also this was years ago and my dad accepts me yes my mom accepted me before my dad it was hard on him to see his son be gay. he finally accepted after the letter and saw what the LGBTQIA+ was like and how great it is and there's nothing wrong with having a gay son. here is my letter hopefully this message to you helps out and what I explained in it.

I am so glad your father showed that he loved and accepted you and that your mother was also a ally! That is the way it should be!