Hello Eveyone. I'm glad I found this group. Been really down

Hello Everyone. I'm glad I found this group. Been really down about myself since I keep trying to stop shopping but I cant seem to stop myself. I'll pay down a card, and the next thing you know, I've maxed it out again and still haven't paid off a mountain of credit card debt. Im going to grad school too, and will soon have to quit my corporate job because I have to start my clinical hours this year. that means I need to pay everything off before I have no income because ill also be accruing a 140k student loan debt on top of my credit card debt. I've finally realized i desperately need help. hoping to check out some support groups to help; and potentially attend my first debtors anonymous next week too.

Hi, I don't know anything about shopping addictions, but I just want to say it's very admirable that you've recognized you want to change and you're taking the steps to do it. It's a difficult journey, but I believe you got this!! I can only imagine how stressful your situation is, and I hope ease and comfort comes your way soon! Best of luck! <3

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Hi, im Rose looking for help with this addiction

I feel you. I keep trying to claw my way out of debt but as soon as I pay something off it’s racked up again. How did yours first debters anonymous go? I was wondering is anyone has found any groups other than 12 step groups for support?

Welcome to the site @Gardenrose21. We wrote a blog on Shopping Addiction that we thought you might find helpful, Shopping Addiction

Please keep posting, support and accountability is something we all need, but when you are trying to work through an addiction, it is essential. -SG

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