Hello, I am Brahim, 27 yo gay Algerian, my recent job was a

Hello, I am Brahim, 27 yo gay Algerian, my recent job was a Safety Coordinator in an oil and gas company, even though I have a college degree in that, but it was never my choice, (it was my parents), I always wanted to work in IT field because that is what I'm passionate about,
I grew up in a religious and conservative family, I always felt different from them, my relationship with my father wasn't very good comparing to the one i have with my mother, but overall, I always had and still have to fake my life for them to satisfy them,
I never had a relationship, but my friends had been always the closest people to me,
I always want to leave the country to leave in a gay friendly city where i can be myself along with perusing my dreams of studying and creating a career in the IT field
I am facing a very hard decision, after a trip I took to canada, where I stayed at my sister's house (who lives there) I wanted to apply for refugee claim being gay, my sister knew about that somehow and told my parents who faked a whole story of my mother is in the hospital for a critical condition, and my father told me that i have to comeback to check on her, I didn't know they knew about the refugee thing, I took the plane next day I travel back to Algeria, I was worried so much about my mom's health, after I got here I was shocked by the fact it was all fake.
they took my passport forcely and told me that they will never allow me to leave the country again and never approve on that, and that they felt they were going to loose me. and I should build my life here, marry and live with them, I didn't and won't come out to them because that would put me in danger
now after I got a new passport (discreetly),I am in between leaving them behind and travel back to canada and go with the life I want, or stay here for a miserable life following the plans they made for me,

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That's a heartbreaking position to be in but all to common anymore it seems. It's so sad that people like you have to make a choice like that. You could go back to Canada and hope someday they will accept everything about you. You have to live your life. One thing you can think about is your sister lives in Canada so it isn't like you would be with no family and she isn't luving with your parents either so what's the big deal if you don't?

@Littleturtle1000 she is married to an algerian guy and are like the typical Algerian muslim family, and because of what I was attempting to do, now as they say “we were going to loose you” and now they want me to live their plan, marry a woman and live a life they want in algeria, or if I want to go I have to marry before that… so…

That your parents would deceive you with a fake illness to lure you back isn't a good sign of things in your future.

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@zen-man it has been a huge emotional trauma on me