Hello. I just signed up and am new here. I have a wife of 22

Hello. I just signed up and am new here. I have a wife of 22 yrs. with HD. Recently, I have been struggling with my feelings as I have felt like the worst husband ever. By that I mean my wife has really been very irritable and it seems everything I do is the wrong thing. :) I am hoping it is because of her HD symptoms, and not me being a insensitive **** of a father/husband. So, not sure where to go. I am just looking for some people who have "been there and done that" and may have some tips or advice for me. Also glad to share with and support others as well. Thanks in advance. ;)

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http://www.amazon.com/Inside-OBriens-Novel-Lisa-Genova/dp/147671777X, by Lisa Genova, and wow, it is amazing and truly details the trials of a family who is diagnosed, I would highly recommend it, hugs and welcome!

Awesome! Thanks for the response and the recommendation. Both are appreciated. :)

You are not alone. Have you looked to join a caregivers group in your area? What you are experiencing is very normal. The extreme unhappiness/ anger that sometimes comes from the one we love seems as though it might be warranted, but it is not. This is a reaction only. I can't tell you it will get any better, but I can tell you to keep in mind that you haven't done anything wrong and it is normal to get frustrated at times. It will happen.

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