Hello! I’m so thankful that I found this group. I have bee

Hello! I’m so thankful that I found this group. I have been struggling with pretty bad acne for the past 4 months or so. I just recently turned 20. It’s started to really affect me emotionally- I’ve been feeling really sad and discouraged about it lately and just frustrated because my skin was improving and then I broke out again a few weeks ago. It’s just so embarrassing and scary to think of how much longer I’ll have to suffer from acne- and discouraging because I’m 20 and this is supposed to be my prime time- the time I am meant to be at my best and the most attractive! I really long for a relationship/to be married as that’s one of my main goals in life, and I’m discouraged because I feel like my skin issues would prevent a man from loving me and wanting to pursue me. I really struggle in always comparing my appearance to others- idk how to stop it! It’s hard in social situations because I kind of don’t want to draw attention to myself- and if someone looks/stares at me I’m worried they’re just disgusted with my acne. I just feel so ugly and I want to be beautiful again. I have started wearing a bit of makeup now in social settings and that definitely has helped improve my confidence but it’s definitely still hard because already without acne I always was quite shy and lacked confidence. I don’t really open up to any of my friends about how I feel because I find it’s just so embarrassing to talk about, the only person I open up to is my mom- she does help and has tried so much to help me and research things for me but its hard to be patient when it seems like nothing you’ve tried has worked. I definitely think I do have a hormonal issue because now most of my new pimples come around my chin/jawline so I’m currently trying to find out if I might have PCOS (which I’m also very scared about because I’ve always wanted to have many children :/). Idk, some days I feel great and happy and definitely feel loved by my friends & family but other days I just dread looking in the mirror and have a breakdown. I know it’s only been a few months and honestly when covering with a bit of makeup I honestly don’t think it looks THAT bad, but idk I’m just so sensitive and really struggle with worrying about what others think of me, and sometimes feeling like i just want the acne to go away so that I won’t have to cause pain the people around me. I know I need to be patient but keep trying new things I guess. Right now I have a salicylic acid cream (2%) that I apply on the two cystic pimples on my jawline, I’ve been working with a naturopath, I might try some products to try and fade hyperpigmentation/redness because that’s the main thing I have on my cheeks. I just have such sensitive skin though like my doctor gave me Biacna cream (mix of antibiotic & retinol) and i had a severe reaction to it like a terrible rash on my neck, so any treatment I use has to be very gentle. Anyways it was honestly so therapeutic for me just to write out how I’ve been feeling haha but I would really appreciate any advice any of you might have for me! Thanks so much! <3

Salicylic Acid did nothing for me. Benzoyl Peroxide worked! Give it a try, if you haven't already. Be careful. It is strong.

@Inmylittleroom thanks for the tip! Yes, I might try that but just concerned because it is so strong and I have such sensitive skin.