Hello! I'm new here. I'm 16 and I was just diagnosed with BP

Hello! I'm new here. I'm 16 and I was just diagnosed with BPD. It's scary. It could basically be the whole reason the way I am. It's a game changer. I'm really struggling with the whole concept because it's such a big deal. I feel like my mom only cares about it so we can "fix" me and she can finally be at peace. I feel like she doesn't care how it effects me. I came to find this group because currently I am really struggling and I needed to find people like me who really understand. I hope that place is here

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there something particular on your mind? Like, what scares you so much

@isthisme it’s just scary because its such a big deal. I have almost all the symptoms and it effects my whole life. If I can get into therapy it’ll change everything possibly.

Welcome here. You've arrived in a very warm and supportive place. Are you going to start therapy soon? There is so much hope for recovery. I'm glad you found us.

@kisobel We’re going to try to get me into therapy. It might not be for a while though because in the town that I live in only one person does it and apparently there’s already a waiting list