Hello, I'm new to this. I tried a support group last year bu

hello, I'm new to this. I tried a support group last year but quickly left it. shittily, the situation only got worse and now I just got out of a hospital. I was there for two weeks because of what I was first told was depressive psychosis or schizophrenia. while I was at the hospital, I had a bunch of tests done and finally, I was told that I was epileptic and that it was making me hallucinate and feel depressed. but, I've been seeing colours for a few months now, ever since I had my first EEG done and pone of my doctors prescribed me some medicine to help with my Epilepsia. ever since I started taking them, I started seeing a flash of colours which made everything else disappear. I don't know whether to believe my doctors now.

So many things happen especially with seizures. I’ve been an epileptic for almost six years. When they diagnosed you for epilepsy and if you have grand mal seizures you could have hot your head very hard like I have. Just recently I had this happen to me as well. Things were moving and disappearing, spinning, I saw random colors and sometimes could barley walk...it was like Alice in Wonder land. I talked to my doctor and it was a neurological issue that they couldn’t fix. It happened for days at a time and still happens every now and then but just for a few seconds. It gets easier when you see the rings you’re talking about take a video of your eyes and see if they are moving involuntarily in small motions mine do that.

@Chloethekidd Also, if you are not having seizures currently on that medication, your dosage could be too high causing these symptoms.