Hello. I'm searching for help with a situation. I am a comb

Hello. I'm searching for help with a situation. I am a combat veteran that ended up going through menopause by the age of 36. I am confident that I was exposed to something in Afghanistan but can not prove anything. My VA claim has been denied now for years. Hoping to find someone, ANYONE that has or was deployed to the Middle East that had menstrual issues upon returning home. Please help if you have any insight, I'm at a dead end.

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Wow, I have never heard of that, maybe the stress induced? Are there no studies that indicate that as a cause.

Hello and welcome! Chemical estrogen ( found in some shampoos and onditioners, lotions, air fresheners, laundry soaps, gel type hand soaps etc) can cause some major menopause issues. There are a couple of great articles by poliquin group that you can Google that outline how to lower your chemical estrogen exposure that may help you. Chances are, you have been exposed to some major chemical estrogen maybe over there and here as well.
Thank you for your service! I know it must have been tough over there and then to come home and start this mess is beyond frustrating I'm sure! Hang in there lady! We are here for you! Hugs your way

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