Hello, people! I'm an FTM who is 24 years old. I pass as a g

Hello, people! I'm an FTM who is 24 years old. I pass as a guy easily, which I absolutely love. But I have to say I do feel a bit lonely with being transgender. I wish I had more transgender friends who could understand me for real. Are you transgender and also looking for new friends? hit me up then =)

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Hi and welcome! Not Transgender, but an ally! Hugs!

Thank you! you can hit me up even tho you're not transgender of course! hugs back! :D

Hi, another ally here! :)

@Littleturtle1000 Hey!how are you? you wanna chat some? =)

You are not alone. We all need love. There are many transgender groups out there, for all ages. My daughter who’s only 10 has attended some great ones which she has loved.

Not Trans, but willing to support you in any way I can.
I understand the loneliness. I live in a remote rural county of 11,000. If 7.1% (Gallup Polls; 2022) are LGBTQ, 781 of my neighbors should be LGBTQ. If 50% of those are male, that should make 390 Gay or Bi males, right? This is “the buckle of the Bible belt”, and this county has the highest church attendance in the state. I’ve been here going on 10 years, and I don’t know a single Gay or Bi male.

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