Hello! Sorry in advance for the long post. I'm new here, and

Hello! Sorry in advance for the long post. I'm new here, and I recently realized I have a shopping addiction. It wasn't so bad before, at least I don't think it was, but recently it's gotten very bad. I started to realize it when I looked at my 2022 spendings and earnings and realized I had spent two thirds of what I made. I was so angry at myself. For this year, I tried setting up a monthly budget but I just can't stick to it. Then my friend introduced me to Depop. For some context: I'm really petite and skinny. Cute clothes just don't fit me. I'm stuck with baggy t-shirts and jeans from the junior's section. But the sellers she showed me sell Japanese brands and they actually fit. I was so happy but now I just buy, buy, buy. I've bought a lot of purses, too. I do use them when I go out, though that isn't very often. What opened my eyes was when I bought a $200 dress and, being from a small business, it was nonrefundable. Despite realizing I have a problem, today I did it again. When I saw some clothes were in other people's carts I got anxious and bought them, but then afterwards I just felt disappointed with myself. I work retail so it's hard not to buy stuff from my own workplace, too. When I try to talk about it to my friends they all make fun of me or ignore me. There's some actual anxiety and guilt involved so I'm thinking of finding a therapist who can support me and get to the root of the problem, but it's ironic because therapy costs money, too. I do have some disorders that involve impulsivity but I'm only treating a few of them with medication. I'm also trying to save up for a trip and I just can't do that when I'm spending all of what could be going towards that or an emergency savings fund. Lots of things are weighing on my mind when it comes to this.

We wanted to check in and see how you are doing. -SG