Hello there. It's my first time posting here since I'm rathe

Hello there. It's my first time posting here since I'm rather desperate.. So first of all, my skin is really dry, especially between my eyebrows and on my forehead where most of the terror happens. I treat it with aloe vera facial cream usually. I do my best to not touch my skin at all but then I get super angry when I see those "bumps" on my forehead. I ignore them but they only get worst so I lose it and try to pop them. Well of course they get all swollen and red.. I don't know what to do to not get pimples, I'm 18 and I'd love to finally get rid of them because I only harm my forehead more and more. Other parts like cheeks are pretty fine. And I also have these brown spots after the acne heals which I tried to treat with lemon juice..

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Heya kristinahh, first of all, you need to build your skincare routine before you start losing hope. They seriously should teach some skincare practices in school for teenagers...

on a more skincare note, is the aloe vera cream the only thing that you're applying on your face?

The dark spots are called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and there are a few ways to get rid of them, but these ways DO NOT include lemon juice. Don't ever use lemon juice on your skin please. The pH is too high for your skin. You can read about the dangers of lemon juice here: https://labmuffin.com/fact-check-feature-should-you-use-lemon-juice-on-your-skin/
There are a few ways to treat them, but this isn't as important as removing the root cause, which is your acne.

your acne sounds like blackheads. If so, you can use salicylic acid products (stridex maximum strength comes to mind) that you can get from the pharmacy or online. This is called chemical exfoliation, and salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that will penetrate clogged pores and help get rid of blackheads.

Get a good anti-bacterial cleanser. I personally use SemaMed Anti-bacterial foaming cleanser, but get whatever you can from your local drugstore or online. This ensure that you're cleansing your face right.

Also, don't pick your pimples, it introduces bacteria to your skin. If you do accidentally pick them, purchase hydrocolloid bandages to cover them and block yourself from touching them until they're healed.

For your dry skin, get a moisturizer. Any brand works. Start with a light moisturizer first, and get a thicker one if it is still not hydrating enough. You can apply your aloe facial cream too to help sooth irritated skin.

When you've got your outbreaks under control, check back again and i'll help you with targeting your scarring

So I've been kinda popping my pimples for like 3 days...They seemed to disappear and then on the other day they were there once again.. I know I shouldn't touch them but how else am I gonna just make them go away?? Well and now my forehead is covered with the dark brown spots ....... I clean my skin, I don't use lemon and I apply cream on the dry spots ... I also have this thick white paste for drying the deep pimples that I do never touch... I am planning to try the anti-bacterial foaming cleanser..But I don't really know what to focus on now.. If the "bumps" (the pimples are like bumps, they don't have head but when I pop them the mess comes out) or the new scars......

@kristinahh Actually, the more you pick at them, the more agitated and inflamed they get. Not only that, but they get exposed to your grimy hands and bacteria enters through the broken skin.

could you list out your product names that you use, including brand? it’s really hard to give advise on your routine if i don’t know what you’re already using.