Help binge eating

Here goes nothing,

I suffered bulimia back in 2008 due to family reasons among many other reasons.

I got help and everything was good fast forward to 2023 and my mental health has taken many many knocks and I have ended up with binge eating disorder.

I feel physically sick but can’t stop eating in secret. I hate my body with every ounce of my very being. I am desperate to lose weight but can’t stop eating and it’s effecting every part of life. Refuse photos to be taken,
Absolutely hate going to school events for my youngest (got 2 ) refuse to try clothes on in store and can’t take them back for embarrassment.

Any help and advice will be great fully received and very much appreciated.

Excuse lack of grammar please not my strong point

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We are in the same boat. I gained 30 pounds during the pandemic. Can’t wear most of my clothes. My life is in a turmoil, At 78 years, I can only say "“This too shall pass.” I have several physical injuries. I send you best tidings. At present, I do try to live ODAT

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What did you find last time helped? Therapy, counseling, medication? This is a mental health issue, I know it can be embarrassing and you might feel shame, but try and think, what would you do if heaven forbid your child had this? You would get them help! Set an example for your kids that when things get out of hand and you are dealing with mental health issues you get help. You are so strong, don’t look down on yourself.

I am a big believer that if you are struggling you get help, if this is a mental health issue, reach out for therapy and counseling, there are so many options out there, yes, it isn’t cheap, but feeling awful about yourself is no way to live which I know you know!

I don’t know if it’s an option for you, but try reaching out to the Eating Recovery Center. They have a lot of resources, both in person and online. Changed my relationship with food completely.