Hey, all! Im brand new here and I just need some uplifting

Hey, all! Im brand new here and I just need some uplifting. I'm 22, and I struggle hardcore with hormonal acne. I'm on Doxycycline and Spironolactone. I know spiro takes like 3 months to see a difference, and it's only been one month but I literally hate the way I look. I have terrible self esteem because of it, and I'm getting married in 2 years and I'm TERRIFIED that I'm gonna look like this for my wedding. Has anyone else been on spiro for their acne that can attest to it?

Im sorry i dont know about the med you are taking. Do you have a face wash and spot treatnent from the dermatologist? If you dont i think it would really helo if you had that as well. Read up on zinc helping acne. I also took L lisine and it helped my acne heal faster. Ill support you.

I've tried zinc. I'm also using 2 different topical treatments too. The doc said it might get worse before it gets better and I'm just impatiently waiting for it to start getting better haha!

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@Nickict7 I’m glad I came back to look here or I wouldn’t have known you replied. Make sure you tap on the word reply in the other person’s text box lower left corner before you reply that way they will get notification that someone replied ok. That’s good you have topical treatments too. The ones I got a couple years a go work very well. Mine always did better during cold weather too. I wish there was a cure for it just like everything else. Do you wear makeup? I think light oil free makeup looks nice. I like clinique oil free foundation I use their makeup brush too I think that makes the makeup look much better. I clean my brush with brush cleaner after each use.