Hey everybody. How are y’all doing on this Friday night? W

Hey everybody. How are y’all doing on this Friday night? Well I am perimenopausal and dealing with that. Also after a month or so I’m going no contact with my Narcissist sister, My niece FaceTime to me. Then she put the phone up to my sisters face. Her feeling awkward, she said hello to me. I hadn’t dealt with this moment yet, so I just instinctively gave her a dirty look and hung up the phone. (I’m not going to pretend or be nice to her)
Then my niece called me back in another room. She’s only 6 and while it’s unfortunate ,we played it off and I was able to just talk to my niece in peace. While I’m having a hot flash. Lol.. Fun times

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Aww its sad the child so young and not understand. Glad you could chat with niece alone.

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@bebobaBetty Agreed. But it is so much easier going no contact. Narcs can rub off their insanity on you.

So sorry you had that interaction with your sister...thankfully your niece wasn't affected by it. Prayers for you dear friend.

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@mechele Hi! Thanks y’all. I’ll tell you what, it sure is easier going no contact. Because it didn’t bother me afterward. Had I interacted with her, that would’ve been worse.

I also have a Narcissist father. He’s currently trying to trap me into a situation. It’s the whole house thing.
He bought a house next-door to him and he’s trying to get me to move into it. I’m fighting it with everything I got.
I feel like I have to physically leave my home because I’m not far enough away from his. And I’m feeling a little ganged up on and they’re going to get worse. He wants me to move in at the end of October or November. It’s not happening.
I have a van that I’ve been converting. I’m back at trying to get it good enough to just leave away from here when I need to. The holidays especially.
I got free from their traps and I’m not gonna go back into one. No matter what, never go back into the trap.