Hey guys, idk if this is a stupid question or not but am I o

Hey guys, idk if this is a stupid question or not but am I only suppose to take my medication (valtrex) only when I get a break out? Or is this something that I need to take every day for the rest of my life. My doctor didn't give me any details or anything. Our conversation was more like "hey you have genital herpes. I'm sending over a prescription and I would like for you to set up another appointment in a month. Have a nice life! *click*"

Awe I'm sorry you had to find out over the phone... That's how I found out too:( But you should ask your doctor how often you should take your meds. Honestly I think it's best to only take them when you're having an outbreak or feel an outbreak coming on.. Don't take them everyday, ONLY when you are out breaking. You don't want your body to get used to the meds cause then when you really need them. They won't be as effective. Try to eat healthy && use more natural treatments first. I hate the herpes meds && all their side effects so I try to hold off on my meds until its a last resort thing.

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Exactly how my conversation went (on the phone). My Dr sucked, I have a new one now sure awesome. Some ppl take meds everyday to prevent obs or protect a non h partner. But you don't NEED to take them. longer you have it less the outbreaks occur.

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Thanks guys! Today is day 4 since me knowing that I have HSV 2 and I'm just trying to get any and every kind of information and/or support.

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@Kaykem can you follow me so I can message you?

It gets better and better!! You body will adapt and build up immunity, before long you will have less and less outbreaks.

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In Australia no 1 gets test results without visiting the doctor. the main reason why people take medication is to help with minimising and getting rid of the outbreak however people take it on an ongoing basis if they have consistent outbreaks or if they are in a relationship aS it is supposed to also help reduce the risk. personally I would not go on medication unless i needed to but you can also take lysine which is supposed to be good also. once you finish with your meds take a break and see how it goes if you have more outbreaks you would likely go back on them again. it just depends on your situation.

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a latent pathogen like hsv is handled a certain way by the body. Building up and strngthening the immune system helps the body push the pathogen deeper, away from literally surfacing. Some ppl have very strong constitutions and having hsv is no biggie of an experience. Others, probably as a result of poor lifestyle and diet, their immune systems have a difficult time working w the pathogen. The body's immune system needs certain compounds for th immune system to work really well. Zinc is very important. There's talk on how zinc chelate form is the best as it is more readily assimilated by the body. Lysine is another. Get a multi vitamin multi mineral complex.

Valtrex is disrupts hsv viral replication, which is important. But it does that at the cost of damaging some other parts of you. There are docs who recognize the toxicity of valtrex and are reluctant to freely prescribe it. Move people, esp when they're young, don't witness the damage it does until later in life.

For me, I went to an acupuncturist who prescribed some herbs for to help w boosting my immune sys and clearing the impending outbreak. That's not to say that it'll reduce viral shedding. Valtrex has those 'reduce viral shedding' stats.

It's a nerve condition so think about nervine herbs like lemon balm and st johns wort

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@Sanguine101 does having a a strong immunity system manager also stop viral shedding like it does for outbreaks?

@sanguine101 Thank you so much!

Im not sure about that but i hope so as my immune system is strong as

I was reading on a website yesterday about viral shedding occurs quite frequently and that as the years go by this actually reduces but I'm not sure about whether if your immune system is stronger that it makes a difference

@lisajd do you remember what website that was? I don’t see much about viral shedding and would like to learn more about it and how it relates to hsv1

Im 48. I had 2 guys casual and they were ok. Its going to be personal and differ for each. I say you can only try. If you are ok about rejection nothing to lose

@lisajd rejection is hard for me but I no longer want to be alone. So I’ll have to take the risk of rejection. It was over a month ago that the guy I liked rejected me and I’m still not over it. And it hurts even more because his actions are of a guy who never cared

rejection. I have been there many times. But remember not all will reject you. Ive met a couple of guys just this week and am nervous although 2 others were ok. Remember it was about his health not you. My ex bf told me last night his ex wife had herpes the whole time married. He said hes tested negative but said its no big deal. I felt very belittled and upset me a fair bit. But cant cry over spilt milk forever. I know its hard i try stay positive but deep down im not happy but its not just herpes.

@lisajd thank you for all your positive words. Your posts give me hope that one day soon I will meet someone I care about that will accept me. I’m sorry for the hurt you are going through. Good luck with the new guys, I hope it goes well

it's easy to get on with it if you're not experiencing physical symptoms reminding yourself of It. :-/

Everyone has different coping strategies. For me, writing and reaching out to others on this forum and beyond has been very therapeutic for me. There are times when I feel like I'm over it. Helping people with their mental issues would help me troubleshoot mine.

unfortunately, herpes is for life. Some people experience very troubling symptoms while others had a few bumps for their primary infection and moved on with life like it was nothing. For me, I am reminded everyday from the subtle tingle on my genitals and face, the odd outbreak on my lip in the mornings that my body clears up a few hours later. I am constantly reminded... I'm getting used to it but I've developed a practice of always reaching out because of all the lame support I initially received (except for my friend on the other side of the country). At that time, I didn't know about support groups. And all I kept talking about was how I wanted a support group with people who were going through the same thing as me. A place where I didn't have to hide this part of myself.

but the person who helped me out the most had HSV-2. No outbreaks, no symptoms, by her lifestyle and diet she should be having outbreaks all the time but nothing. She got over the news in 1 week. We talk and there will be times when I confide my herpetic angst and she tells me how she doesn't think it's that big of a deal. You just gotta move on with it. ...If I wasn't reminded of my physical symptoms then that would be VERY easy.