Hey i am new here and this is something that has been on my

Hey i am new here and this is something that has been on my mind for a while now. I don't have anyone in my life i can discuss this with so i decided to seek out a group to help me process. Im not 100% sure but i think i am Bisexual. I am married to a man and have three kids. I do love him and their are no problems with our sex life but i still have this recurring urge to be with a woman. Its not like i want to divorce my husband i am happy but i want to act on this urge. I don't know what to do or how to discuss it with him.

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Hi RhiRhi!!! I am bisexual, and actually have a boyfriend now!! VERY HAPPY!!! He is everything I could ever want...and more! ;)

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Hi! I was terrified to tell my boyfriend that I am also attracted to women. We have been together for about 4 years and I didn't want to lose him. I finally told him and he acted like it was nothing! I was so shocked that he didn't get mad or upset. After we talked about it for awhile he told me he wouldn't mind if I got with other women.He is so supportive and caring about the whole situation and I know this totally depends on the person and the relationship but I thought it might help to hear a positive story. Hope all goes well!

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@Bibabee … most men will be all for it… as long as you are not out with other men, it’s ok for most men and we find it exciting… do you let your man join in when you are with another woman?

hi RhiRhi, I personally think many women fantasize about and have urges sometimes to be with another woman. It doesn't necessarily mean they are bisexual. If this is something though that you really feel you need to act on, you really need to tell your husband and talk it over with him. Just be honest, pick a time when you are both relaxed though not in bed before or after sex!!! ;-) and just tell him you love him, you love your sex life together but you keep feeling these urges...and see where the conversation goes. He'll probably be taken by surprise and may not be able to give you an answer right away but be prepared to know he may say he's not for it at all - if he does then what are you willing to risk?? Others on the board will surely disagree with me but, just some things to think about!

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@MomLeslieM … that’s good advice and the way you say to approach it really the best way… believe me, 99% of men will find it exciting… they might not say so at first but given time, they will understand… here’s the thing that may be a problem… he’s going to want to do a threesome, he will want to watch and then he’s going to want to join in… he will still love only her but for us men, we like kinky sex, that may not sit well with some people but that’s just the way we are built… sex is why we do everything…

so if a guy is in a relationship with a woman that he loves, but he wants to try having sex with another man, that doesn’t make him bi?

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This might help, you could be Bi or Pan or want to use the term Gay, labels are for you and you only. Try looking at Bi accounts on IG, they might help as well. If you are with a Woman and you are Bi, you are still Bi even though others think of you as Heterosexual, if you are with a Man, you are still Bi even though people might view you are Gay. Get it?