Hi All. Just writing to send my love and well wishes. I'm 34

Hi All. Just writing to send my love and well wishes. I'm 34 tomorrow and am suffering with the worst persistent breakout I've ever had. I've had acne since I was 13. I have had bouts of somewhat clear skin, most recently for a few years that ended 8 months ago. I had gotten to a point after moderate acne and lots of scars to pretty clear skin without a need for makeup! Now I am sitting in the house, depressed. Haven't left for days. Suicidal thoughts are becoming the norm, but I am trying to stay strong because I have a daughter. It sucks. With all the progress we've made in medicine, it continues to blow my mind that there isn't a more readily available cure. This is a debilitating disease, no matter your age, social or financial status. I hope we can all hang in there. I know it will get better.

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Your right suicidal thoughts are so debilitating. I suffered like this for 25 years. Please know this you are worth so much more then you think! We all have things we have to deal with but when we are suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts it makes things so much worse. Have you sought a counselor, pastor or mentor to talk to? By the way happy belated birthday! Hold your babe and know you are wonderful and beautifully made. -Rachel

@Rachel2535 Thank you so much. I need to get into some counseling. I am typically a very active, outgoing person. And this has just sucked the life out of me. I know when it gets better, I will be okay. I just need to get through it. Thanks again.