Hi everyone Am new to you group I have arthritis in both

Hi everyone
Am new to you group
I have arthritis in both shoulders both knees
Tendinitis and arthritis in both ankles
Worst 1 is arthritis in c5 to s1 in my spine
Just been put on anti- depression tabs
Some days it’s just too much

I am very sorry. pain like that, and restriction, is hard to deal with.

Hi am sue am new to this group too
I was in the army for 13 years fitness over took my life wen I had my last child 24 years ago
My health started to deteriorate due to arthritis in different parts of my body
I have suffered many many years with arthritis in hands,both knees
Got an ankor in my shoulder but that still plays up
Got screws from a bone graft in my ankle had a spine fusion on my spine and detearration in 2 different places it’s very hard some day most days I don’t go out if I do I have to take a walking stick
It’s a very lonely and hard life dealing with arthritis and the pain in different weather conditions
Keep ur chin up keep smiling talk to someone if u start to feel down

Have you tried an anti inflammation diet or acupuncture? I am not saying it will heal you in some witchy way, but it could help with the pain. Can you do exercise in the pool?