Hi everyone, I am 52 years old and have been in full blown m

Hi everyone, I am 52 years old and have been in full blown menopause for 5 years. Started younger than most, was in peri in my late 30's, had my kids very young. Does anyone have the lack of energy to do normal things a problem, like cleaning and just doing the dishes... I don't sleep well at all, and I never was a great sleeper, but I find myself wanting to sleep all the time. I do suffer from anxiety, I don't take hormones as they don't sit with me, I can't take black cohosh as I am allergic to it. I have tried all sorts of things but lack of energy is hard for me. I used to be able to keep busy busy but after work I am tired. I am an empty nester except my dog, my husband is kinda lazy at times. I get migraines now, oh joy, what have other people done for energy, walking is a struggle as I broke my ankle 2 years ago and it didn't heal right. another plus. any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Welcome to the this sucks.!!!

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Sorry you had to deal with it earlier and also about the migraines & about the ankle break not healing rt. That also happened to me with one of my toes which then affected my workout routine.
Do you feel that the 'empty-nester' experience puts you into a much slower, less motivated frame of mind? I used to have a dog that I could walk with and would greet me at the end of the day but that has changed. I hope your dog still gives you great companionship?
Some days, I try to figure out if my crappy physical 'state' is due to lingering meno -effects or if my depression and anxiety have just always been there and meno amped it up 1000x, idk. I want to keep working at solutions, but wow...I did not expect the constant fatigue. And yes, I take a bunch of supplements, eat right, all that for so long now.
But sleep evades me. The right REM sleep really evades me which makes me feel like a never-ending Zombie.
How do you get yourself motivated to want to even socialize? For me, it feels like there is now a huge wall in front of me. There's great plans and maybe even 'memory-making' laughter waiting on the other side. But I cannot get over. There is no one to help me.
I did not think I'd have to solve about 10 important problems with myself all at ONCE?!
That in itself is massively overwhelming.
Do we expect too much from life at this point?
sorry for the long rant.

@Littlesis7 Rant away, I completely get it too, I have a lot of that, my dog is older and she does give me great friendship, Sleep is hard for me too, my husband always needs the TV on and I like quiet, empty nesting does make you lazier for sure. I socialize mostly in my neighborhood, we don’t go out much due to money, so even just going to the neighbors helps. Just take one day at a time, My husband doesn’t understand what I go through, he doesn’t lose sleep, and doesn’t suffer with all this with hormone changes, weight gain, ugh… Maybe try going to the humane society and rescue a dog that you need to walk. I can’t walk for long periods of time due to my foot but then I start cleaning or cooking and on my feet, then my foot hurts then my back so I get it. I may try one of those mediation sites that has a sound machine thingy and using that for sleep, I’ll let you know if I do that. haha

I totally get where your coming from!! I am 51 no period in like 15 months. I am always tired & I need to exercise but it’s a struggle. And yes even the laundry & dishes. Sometimes they pile up and I feel hopeless.

@Yankeegirl71 Same here, I used to be a clean freak and I used to hate having things out of place, now I look at it and feel overwhelmed and want to just shut the door and not look at it. My husband saves everything and I hate that he does, I want to just throw everything away LOL