Hi everyone. I am a sugar addict. This is the first time I'v

Hi everyone. I am a sugar addict. This is the first time I've ever admitted to this so this is kind of scary. I found it easier to give up cocaine, weed & cigarettes...I've realised that through my life I've jumped from one addiction to the other however addiction to sugar has been the toughest. What makes it even more tough for me is that my job is largely dependent on my body (modelling & dancing) and I'm in the middle of a major sugar craze at the moment. If I make it past day 3 of no sugar I start stabilising however I always seem to get stuck on day 2. Today was day 2 of no sugar and my aunt bought me sugar sweets and I wasn't able to resist. This ended up with me eating a whole packet of cookies & half a tub of ice cream to get my sugar fix. I feel so ashamed of this. I thought I had this addiction under control until my engagement ended at the beginning of the year...that's when I started spiraling. Now I've picked up a lot of weight and feel immense shame & guilt over this. I know I have the power to overcome this however I don't have anyone to speak to honestly about it or when I'm in the middle of a sugar binge. I feel very alone in this so finding this group is quite something. I've reached the point where I cannot go on like this any longer I want to overcome this.

Hi, and welcome!!

@RecoveringRose Thank you so much!